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Family owned and operated

​We are closed for the 2022 season.  Merry Christmas!!!

We open for Christmas Tree and Wreath sales the Friday after Thanksgiving.

6767 Edison St,  Hartville, Ohio

Moore's Christmas Tree Farm LLC

​​​​​We supply saws, tree sleds and twine free of charge.  Tree shaking, baling, and, drilling is also free.


​​                               2022 Tree Prices

​White Pine $8 per ft                                 Up to 8ft

Fraser Fir  $12 to $13 per ft                 Up to 10ft

Canaan Fir $12 to $15 per ft                Up to 10ft

 Blue Spruce any size  $78or lower   Up to 10ft     

​Clearance fields available for Blue Spruce, White Pine, and some Firs.

We no longer sell balled, burlap, or dug trees.  We also

no longer allow customers to dig their own tree.